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Our Story

It is our greatest pleasure to bring you the most spectacular aerial images of New England. Photographer & former military aircraft mechanic, Aaron Gormley, prides his time in service with the Coast Guard. Responsibility for Search & Rescue missions made Aaron an expert in scanning techniques which led to the evolution of his unique eye for aerial photography. After over 7 years of commendable service, he left the Coast Guard to pursue his dream of becoming a professional photographer. Aaron has invested nearly 1,500 hours of flight time & has taken over 100,000 photos all over the world.  Brandon Canter, Aaron’s close friend since they were 6 years old, recognized his talent so they founded Cape Aerials together to share a vision. What makes us unique is a combination of a love for aviation & a desire to pioneer fresh perspectives. Our mission is to inspire & unite people through the power of photography.

Meet the Team

Aaron Armstrong Gormley

Aaron Gormley is 32 years old and the founder/photographer of Cape Aerials.  He currently resides on Cape Cod.

Aaron began taking pictures when he received a camera as a graduation present from Coast Guard boot camp in 2007 and has barely put his cameras down since.  His first duty station was in Alaska for two years which included over 300 days invested at sea and an apprenticeship in aviation maintenance.  During that time, he found himself inspired by the power of the natural world around him; so, he began taking exotic photographs of bears, moose, bald eagles, migrating whales, orcas and landscapes, for example.  In addition to “The Last Frontier”, Aaron had resided all over the country in his near eight years of active duty as an aircraft mechanic.

Then, after being honorably discharged from the military, he sold his possessions (except his camera & backpack :-D) and bought a one-way ticket to New Zealand.  There, he was involved in international volunteer work on a variety of farms (dairy, cattle, sheep, organics), campgrounds, vineyards and residential homes.  He lived with the families he helped forming strong bonds up and down the countryside.  While in New Zealand he lived in twenty-three locations altogether and spent at least ten days in each.  One of his fondest memories was scoring a job on a tuna boat working on the Tasman Sea.

Gormley has a fascination with aviation.  Over the years, he has made it a point to charter planes and organize flight plans…anything to place himself in unique aerial locations with his camera in hand.  He has found a niche, to capture images from a perspective that not many get a chance to appreciate…the birds’ eye view.

Aaron has been shooting photography for over ten years now, and with Cape Aerials he is able to shoot in a way that is truly unique.  It brings him great joy to share this unique perspective with the local community, especially because in return, he gets to hear stories about how his photos are directly related to & meaningful to them.

Aaron is thankful for all of those who have supported him along the way & as an artist is very grateful that his work is appreciated.  He adds that “this is a mission of positivity” as he hopes to inspire others through the power of photography.

Brandon Paul Canter

Brandon Canter is the Co-founder & CEO of Cape Aerials.  He is delighted to partner with his life-long friend, Aaron Gormley, to follow his passion & bring you Cape Aerials!

Danny J Levar

Danny Levar is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration.  He is a graphic designer for Cape Aerials and is the artist responsible for drawing the wonderful maps you can find on site.  Born and raised in Duluth, MN, Danny has always been influenced by nature.  He has spent more nights in the Boundary Waters of northern MN than he can recall and has engaged in many more adventures in other remote regions around the world.

Danny met Aaron Gormley on a plane leaving the United States bound for New Zealand.  He was headed to NZ to volunteer on farms with his girlfriend, and through some casual conversation, found out that Aaron was a photographer.  Seeing as they were both artists, they were able to kick off a friendship that has since lasted four years and spanned across two continents.

After Danny returned home he invested a lot more time into his art and eventually began taking the necessary steps to start his own design company.  After a great number of late nights, microwave dinners, countless pots of coffee and heartfelt conversations with his two business partners, Danny finally had his LLC approved.  Shortly thereafter him and his partners launched the design and screen printing business, Franklin University of Design.

Levar is currently the operating CEO of Franklin University of Design and is one of the in-house designers there.  At Franklin, they cater their services to small, local companies that are looking for independent designers with big ideas.  Some of the other clientele they have worked with include Bent Paddle Brewing and Taco Cat.

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