In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of Mark H. Morin

1957 – 2018

When I first arrived on Cape Cod in 2012, I knew no one. However, I was excited to be in a new location & optimistic to explore it. One of the first locations I walked into while hunting for a place to live was Main Street Barber Shop in Falmouth where I was greeted by a kind gentleman, Mark Morin, and his loving wife, Linda. They welcomed me with open arms & gave me every piece of advice & direction a new guy in town could ask for. Mark was a fellow Coast Guard Veteran & he became my first real friend on the Cape.

Fast-forward to January 2018 & nothing had changed in the shop, but so much had changed in my life. After leaving the country for a year to pursue passions of travel & photography I finally returned to the barber shop to pick back up like any two good friends would, right where we left off.

Throughout the years of knowing Mark I felt nothing but warmth, support & friendship. The encouragement & camaraderie made me want to get a haircut even when I really didn’t need one.

Mark was so happy & proud of me for following my dream of starting a successful and unique photography company. I only wish he was still here to see the dream unfold. I know in my heart that he is smiling & filling the heavens with good company & conversation… not to mention sharp haircuts!

I will miss him dearly. His support & inspiration will forever remain in my heart. Thank you, Mark. Rest in peace, my dear friend.

– Aaron Gormley, Founder, Cape Aerials


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